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New Windows

Are the windows in your home worn and in need of replacing? With so many different possibilities to choose from, you need the right information at your fingertips. Here you can explore all of the alternatives and their costs.

What is the average price for new windows?

Your new windows can come in many shapes and sizes, and you want to make the best choice for both your home and your pocket. Here are some factors that can influence the cost of new windows onto the world:

  • Size (the most common sizes are 450x600mm, 600x900mm and 900x1200mm)
  • Style (how many openings, what kind of glass, and window style)
  • Colour (wood grain is more expensive than white uPVC)
  • Quality of the product (higher security grades and thermal performances are more expensive)

Here are the average prices for the most popular types of windows per unit excluding VAT and installation costs:

Material / Glazing type Double GlazedTriple Glazed
uPVC€200 - €300€275 - €500
Timber€250 - €450
€300 - €750
Aluclad€700 - €1,000€1,200 - €1,500

Thousands of Irish people choose uPVC double glazed windows every year. A 3 or 4 bedroom semi-detached home needing a couple of new doors and eight double glazed windows will cost around €10,000.

Your actual new windows’ cost could be very different to the prices quoted above, as they are supposed to act as guides. Your final price will depend on a number of factors, as mentioned above.

new windows

Finding the right product at the right price

Hiring a specialist can be the most important decision you make in your home improvement project. Their expertise could save you heartache and money down the line. Fitting windows is tricky work, and although you could do it yourself, it’s not something you want to get wrong and have to do again. When you fill out our quick 2-minute online form, you receive up to 5 quotes from window companies near you within 2 working days. This way you can easily compare prices and choose the best company to suit your needs. Save up to 40% on the price of your new windows by comparing quotes through our website.

So many choices, so little time!

Are your windows letting in cold draughts? Or has some mould damaged the framing? Or are they simply looking a little worn? You have decided you need new windows, and you will be considering the wide range of options available to you, which can be a bit overwhelming! Do you need single, double or triple glazed windows? What kind of material will suit your home best? Which configuration of window is ideal for your project? Click on the articles linked below to get all the information you need to make the best possible decision, which is just as easy as 1, 2, 3!


By choosing single glazed windows, you can cut your costs by half, but they won’t keep your home cozy in the winter like double or triple glazed windows. To find out more about double and the less common triple glazed windows, you can check out our new articles:

Double glazed windows

Triple glazed windows


If you have opted for new windows, you now have to choose what kind of material you would like for your windows to be encased in. uPVC windows are the cheapest option, while timber can look incredible but requires upkeep, and aluminium offers an elegant addition to any modern home. Learn more about the different types of material, ranked by order of popularity:

uPVC windows

Wooden windows

Aluminum windows


How would you like your new window to open, if at all? Sash windows that open from the bottom can be dangerous for little ones, an important thing to think about if you have small children. Other than sash windows, the most popular type is casement (or side-hung) windows, which are typically cheaper. Click below for full explanations of these two common types of windows:

Casement windows

Sash windows

new windows

Useful tips when buying new windows

  • Think about your needs
  • Consider your energy savings
  • Take the style of your home into consideration
  • Compare service providers

Different windows, different needs

To find out what you need in a new window, you should consider what climate you live in. If it tends to get quite chilly, you may consider extra insulation or even triple glazed windows. In hotter environments, uPVC windows can degrade more quickly. Will the window get more or less sun, or be more or less susceptible to break-ins? Windows onto the street could need extra security protection than, say, a second-floor window.

Energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of your windows is also very important since you could save up to 50% on your energy bill if they are well-installed and well-suited to your home. Ask your window provider about the solar heat gain coefficient, air leakage, visible transmittance and condensation resistance of their windows. Lower coefficients and leakage are better, and for the last two, the higher the number the better. These vary considerably depending on the configuration of window frame and glazing type, so make sure you talk to someone in the know before making a decision.

Be your own style guru

Consider the architectural style of your home. For more traditional homes, wooden or uPVC frames fit best with their overall appearance. Aluminum windows look amazing when paired with modern architectural designs. Windows set the mood inside your home, and aluclad windows are a nice alternative, combining a low-maintenance (metal) exterior with a cozy (wooden) interior. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. But research is vital, and to make an informed decision, you need to have the best information at your fingertips. This can be easily found by comparing prices from different companies.

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Compare prices quickly and easily

Don’t spend more money than you need on your new windows! When you request a free quote through our online form, you will receive up to 5 quotes within 2 working days of making your request so that you can make the most informed decision possible. Most customers that compare quotes save up to 40% on the total new windows cost by using our no-fuss process to look at trustworthy and experienced companies that are in your area. Take your time, consider your options and save money on new windows when you request quotes through our e-form.