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National window companies are well-known, but does that make them the right choice for you? If you want to know what questions to ask to get the best deal as well as some key characteristics of the four biggest national window companies, read on!

Which window companies are best?

There are four national window companies: Sean Doyle, Senator, Rationel, and Wright. Each specialises in different materials and styles, and prices vary greatly according to the project at hand. Many consumers have very different experiences with each company and it is difficult to say which of these would be the best fit for your home.

One safe bet is to get many different quotes from various window manufacturers because you will:

  • Save money by discovering the best offer around
  • Be able to ask many questions to find out about what they offer and their expertise
  • Become an expert and avoid predatory sales techniques
  • Compare their customer service approach and choose accordingly

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You may be wondering – what are the most important questions to ask a window company? Here are some suggestions:

  • How long have you been in the business?
  • How much time, on average, does installation take from start to finish?
  • Can I see any examples of recent work?
  • Do you offer the style and material that you want (as opposed to the ones they want to sell you)?
  • How do you handle service issues post-installation?
  • What kind of guarantees do they offer and what do they cover exactly?
  • Do they have a cooling off period (time between delivering the quote and signing a contract so you can think about it and consider your options)?

It is also an excellent idea to inform yourself as much as possible about the type, style, and material you want for your new windows. That way, the window manufacturer will be able to let you know if they can offer you exactly what you need without trying to sway you towards one product or another.

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Which window company will save me money?

The bottom line is that comparing many window companies is the best course of action for saving money. Since so many variables influence the final price of your window project, it can be easy for companies to artificially raise prices. To get the best deal, local companies are a great port of call. Get up to 5 quotes by entering some details into our secure portal. You’ll be able to start the conversation with trusted local professionals and save up to 40% on the price of your new windows!

Which window manufacturer has the best deals?

This really depends. uPVC is, of course, cheaper and will probably be cheaper to buy from a company that specialises in uPVC but generally, it is local companies that will be able to give you the best price. They are sometimes able to reduce installation costs and may also be able to offer a more personalised service. They are also more flexible when it comes to packaged deals and so it is worth getting quotes from many local professional window companies to get the best possible price on your project.

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What are the differences between national window companies?

This is an important consideration if you’ve been thinking about using their services. Think first about what you want out of a window company and read on to find out what each national company specialises in.

There are many window companies operating throughout Ireland. Here we’re going to break down some of the differences between four important ones, namely: Sean Doyle, Senator, Rationel, and Wright.

Here is a brief description of the services and products offered by each company:

Sean Doyle:

  • Operate throughout Ireland.
  • Offer multiple glazing options (double and triple) for windows in various materials (uPVC, alu clad, hardwood, aluminium and composite).
  • Have three sash options in uPVC and hardwood but only casement aluminium windows
  • Offer hardwood, composite and thermo range doors.
  • Have 10-year guarantees for windows, double glazed units and door panels.
  • Offer a 1-year guarantee for hinges, locks, and panels.
  • Their windows are custom-made so you can choose whatever combination you desire.


  • Operate throughout Ireland.
  • Offer uPVC windows in casement, sash, tilt and turn and french style. Aluminium windows come in fixed and casement styles.
  • All windows can be requested in double or triple glazing.
  • Offer uPVC conservatories in various styles.
  • 15-year glass warranty for all uPVC and aluminium products.


  • A Danish company that operates in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Newry and the surrounding areas
  • Specialise in timber, alu clad and aluminium windows
  • Also offer sliding doors, french windows, terraced doors and regular front doors
  • Their products come in triple or double glazing
  • Offer modern and traditional styles
  • Have a 6-year guarantee for defects in manufacturing and materials (excluding paint finishes)


  • Operate throughout Ireland
  • Specialise in timber but also offer aluminium, aluclad and uPVC
  • Have a wide range of uPVC styles (casement, tilt and turn, french windows, sash, entrance and sliding doors)
  • Most of their products come in triple or double glazing
  • They also offer luxury composite windows

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Get the best offer you can

It would be silly to pay more than you need to, especially when it comes to a big home improvement project like replacing windows! Avoid having that conversation with your neighbors and get the best price around by comparing quotes. Get up to 5 quotations from local window manufacturers within 2 days when you enter a couple of details in our secure online form. Chat with them about their offers and decide in your own time. Customers have saved up to 40% when they compare quotes through window24.ie.