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Alu Clad Windows

Alu clad windows are becoming more and more popular throughout Ireland for their beauty, durability and great performance. Not to mention, they look fantastic inside and out. Read on to find out how much they might cost you, and what benefits they bring.

How much are alu clad windows?

Aluclad (or alu clad) windows are generally three times as expensive as uPVC windows. How expensive is that? See below for a guide on alu clad windows prices:

Cost of Alu Clad Windows (materials + installation)

Type of homeNumber of BedroomsWindows neededExpected cost of Casement style Alu Clad WindowsExpected cost of Sash style Alu Clad Windows
Flat24 windows€5,100 - €5,700€7,200 - €9,600
Terraced25 windows€6,000 - €7,500€10,000 - €14,400
Semi-detached27 windows€8,400 - €9,600€12,600 - €17,700
Semi-detached39 windows€10,500 - €12,000€15,000 - €22,200
Detached312 windows€14,000 - €15,600€21,000 - €25,500
Detached415 windows€17,700 - €19,800€24,000 - €30,000

These prices are only meant as a guide since real prices vary greatly from county to county and provider to provider. For more accurate prices, get in touch with a window professional.

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alu clad windows

What are alu clad windows?

Aluminium clad windows, otherwise known as alu clad windows, are made of wood on the inside and have aluminium cladding on the outside. Alu-clad wooden frames are just as low-maintenance as 100% aluminium frames.

They offer a cozy feeling inside with the wooden finish, and at the same time, the aluminium protects the wood from the elements. The exterior cladding keeps the wood dry and needs essentially no maintenance, while the wooden interior can be painted or stained to suit your design requirements.

What are the benefits of getting alu clad windows?

Alu clad windows are very popular, despite their high costs. Find out why by reading on.

  • Protected against the elements

Alu clad keeps you warm, safe and cozy during even extreme weather, for a few reasons. Their durability means they won’t warp and break like other window materials. Your frames will remain impeccable and unwarped throughout the winter months when you opt for alu clad frames.

alu clad windows

  • Low-maintenance

Alu clad is perfect if you’re looking for little to no maintenance. They come stained or painted on the inside, and the outside needs nothing more added to it. They are incredibly resilient with no maintenance.

The aluminium will last for a lifetime, with only some light cleaning required occasionally, which is amazing when you consider you also get a wooden interior, which with stable conditions indoors also requires the bare minimum in terms of maintenance.

  • Cozy aesthetic

Wooden frames look inherently comforting, and this is what you get with aluclad windows. Aluminium is robust and protects you from the elements, while the interior makes you feel protected. Since these are higher-end windows, they also do a fantastic job of keeping you warm.

Wood will naturally expand and contract with varying temperatures and moisture levels, but you are protected from the weather since the aluminium remains rigid and keeps the seal intact. Not only do they look cozy, they make you feel that way too.

  • Durable

Alu clad windows prices are higher than for other window frame materials, which is partly because of their complex design, and partly because they are made with very high-quality materials. This is to ensure you get the same level of comfort and aesthetic appeal for a lifetime.

Many companies offer guarantees and warranties for their aluclad windows because they are so confident that they will stay perfectly intact for a very long time. Modern windows are highly durable and even more so for alu clad windows, where the aluminium is very sturdy and keeps them strong for longer.

alu clad windows

  • Ultra-efficient

When you buy alu clad windows in 2018, they will be super efficient. This is because we have very high standards for construction now, and aluclad windows are simply very energy efficient by design. The thermal values of your windows will be clearly set out when you purchase them, so do some research to get details.

Alu clad windows offer great protection from the elements as well as a well-insulated interior, so you’ll be cozy and warm throughout the cold months. This is especially true when you choose three panes of glass rather than the traditional two, at an extra cost of course.

Are alu clad windows and doors right for me?

How can you know whether getting aluclad windows is the best choice for your home? Here are some considerations. If you want:

  • To spend less time maintaining and cleaning your windows
  • A rustic interior look without the hassle and upkeep of wooden frames
  • Windows that last a lifetime
  • A warmer home for a longer time

Alu clad windows are probably right for you, f these statements are true. However, alu clad windows prices are high, certainly higher than many other window materials. So, if you’re on a tight budget perhaps you’d do better opting for something like uPVC. These are also quite durable though less aesthetically pleasing.

Alu clad windows vs uPVC windows

uPVC certainly is more affordable than alu clad for window frames, but what are the other pros and cons to keep in mind? What are the differences between aluclad and uPVC? This table gives you all the information you need:

Alu Clad Windows

uPVC Windows

Stays perfect for a long timeCosts more money upfrontRequires nearly no maintenanceDegrades more quickly than wood
Adds value to your propertySome maintenance neededAn affordable option for any homeDoes not suit period homes
Natural look insideCan be made to mimic woodCannot be easily painted
Protects effectively against outdoor weatheruPVC also does not transfer heat well - saving energy

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